When Alternative Medicine Doesn't Work

When Alternative Medicine Doesn't Work -

When Alternative Medicine Doesn't Work

Gluten-free organic food, essential oils, beet juice, whole-food supplements, positive thinking, and bean flour pancakes may NOT fix your wife’s health problem or her free radical damage.

I don’t know about you, but if I read one more alternative health marketing campaign that touts it will handle the “root cause” of the common suspects — allergies, asthma, chronic fatigue, headaches, constipation, insomnia, weight loss, aging, blah blah blah — I’m going to lose my lunch. My personal pet peeve with these marketing gimmicks is not that the products or services don’t help ... many of them do; my bone to pick is that these remedies often do not address the underlying source of the health problems.

Patients often come to the clinic for the initial consultation with a purse — errrr, suitcase — loaded with supplements. They are taking “this” for this, and “that” for that, “such and such” for sleeping, and whatever Dr. Oz suggests for their fat. Sadly, much of the natural health "stuff" that people are spending money on is not achieving their desired results.

It took me a while to figure out that many natural health remedies are a bandaid fix, just like their pharmaceutical counterparts (albeit less toxic). I used to just test for, and handle, “the next layer” in a case: heavy metals, chemicals, food sensitivities — repeatedly having to flush and re-flush the same organs. Then I started thinking more critically, asking deeper questions, evaluating a patient’s environment, putting on the detective hat and identifying sources of toxic exposure. The payoff was that case after case started to crack; finally, permanent results. Health is SO much more than avoiding gluten, going without deodorant, drinking chaga, and putting mashed avocado on your face. We’re not talking “out of pain ... until next time.” We’re talking health. True, honest, unadulterated health. The stuff of longevity, without the 59-step “to do list” to achieve it. 

Here is what I know. The human body always heals. Always, always, no exceptions. It was designed to do that because God is pretty smart. But we have become masters at messing up the healing mechanism. The body can only get to a better state of health if we get the blocks out of the way. So, if health is not returning — even with the use of all those natural things — something is being missed.

Here are several examples of the “missing somethings” that I see on a daily basis:

1. People juicing until their eyes are green, unaware that they aren’t absorbing nutrients because of a heavy metal toxicity

2. Taking loads of superfoods and superherbs to boost immune system function without handling a toxic root canal that is dropping immune-suppressing “poison” into the blood stream 24/7

3. Taking melatonin, magnesium, and essential oils for insomnia while sleeping next to TV/alarm clock/cell phones/circuit breakers emitting EMFs and dirty electricity and disrupting sleep cycles, cradled in a pillow that is keeping the adrenals kicked “on”

4. Consuming bottles of nutrition supplements to "detox" but not handling the source of toxic re-exposure (my biggest professional pet peeve ...)

5. Getting ongoing chiropractic adjustments that don’t hold because of a viscero-somatic reflex (toxic organ causing the subluxation)

6. Using the gamut of essential oils and remedies for asthma and allergies but not handling asbestos, molds, or other toxicities that are present in the duct work, which are actually causing the problem (blood work and computer reports are not savvy in identifying these things)

7. Doing multiple candida cleanses but not handling the heavy metals, or the source of metals, that are causing the overpopulation of candida (it is not just the result of sugars, alone!)

8. Getting weekly massage, acupuncture, and bathing in essential oils for chronic migraine headaches (which helps the pain and inflammation, for sure!) but not taking care of the toxic shower water, which is causing them (and WAY more importantly, leading to terrible health in the future)

The list could be so much longer ...

Remember that health is not an absence of symptoms; it's the absence of disease. Disease does not always come in a package of symptoms! The other problem with "symptom" mentality is that, if there is a source of toxicity, the whole family is often being exposed, even if only one person is experiencing a problem. Again, if we see symptom remedy as the solution, we are often not addressing the deeper health concerns.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but you get the point. Natural remedies aren’t handling issues, permanently, because the offending source has not been identified. It is normal to initially need a lot of support to get detoxed and healthy, and it is wonderful that there are natural ways to alleviate symptoms. But you better be going forward in HEALTH, and you better be figuring out the “why.” Otherwise, for lack of a way to sugar-coat it ... you’re wasting your money. 

That’s why I love what I do — NRT, incorporating Environmental Medicine, and beyond! It is so important to identify when an issue is, and is NOT, nutritional, and when the stressor is not within the body (even though it may show up as lack of nutrient absorption, immune challenges, fried adrenals, kidneys and liver stress, etc.). Like a diagnostic on a car, you need to be able to identify what IS the stressor and what methodology is needed in each specific situation. Sometimes the issue relates to chiropractic, sometimes acupuncture, sometimes dental, sometimes massage, sometimes essential oils, sometimes scar therapy, sometimes emergency medicine, sometimes diet, sometimes supplements, sometimes stress, sometimes EMR & EMFs, sometimes Geopathic Stress, sometimes forgiveness, sometimes quitting a job, sometimes polluted air, sometimes “Erin Brockovich” water ... generally a combination of these things - and always prayer.

God gave you “gut-feeling intuition” for a reason. You should “know” that you are on the right track and that the true “root cause” is being addressed, permanently. Your body knows when you are missing something. Learn to listen to it!