SAMPLE PACK - BARS [4 count] (Grass-Fed & Vegan Option)

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(1ct) CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH (Grass-Fed-Whey Protein)

Imagine the sweet, intoxicating warmth of a crackling fire and the tantalizing aroma of Grandma’s kitchen on a chill winter evening. Add in a glass of milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven. Your healthy lifestyle does not have to deprive you of creating new mouthwatering memories! Prepared as dessert, warmed up with cashew butter and coconut whipped cream, or on-the-go in your athletic bag, this ketogenic meal replacement bar was crafted with respect for Grandma’s cookies while featuring an impressive lineup of performance nutrients — sans the guilt!


(1ct) HAZELNUT ESPRESSO (Grass-Fed-Whey Protein)

The crunch of painted leaves on a frosty path, a ray of gold around the silhouette of a crimson maple, the spice of roasted espresso and toasted hazelnuts — the soul of autumn — inspired the conception of this ketogenic meal replacement bar. Just as we desire that fall would linger, the living nutrients and delectable harmonies of flavors in this bar leave your cells nourished, fulfilled, yet yearning for more!


(1ct) DARK CHOCOLATE GOJI (Grass-Fed-Whey Protein)

Temptation and delight leave you healthier than before! As sure as the boldness of midnight storms bring the nourishment of summer rains, the classic romance between raw dark cacao and goji berries bespeaks a timeless nutritional synergy of superfoods. The ketogenic fashion in which this story is told, however, is authentic. While the allure of this bar could be decadence alone, we must respect the class of ingredients that make it equally a treat and a nutritional powerhouse.



The bar that takes you on a stroll through a grove of cherry trees at dawn with clean, raw, uncut grasses sparkling in the dew. Although understated in title, the nutrient lineup speaks for itself. This breakfast bar is a triple threat of virtues that put it in a class of its own: superfoods, ketogenic, AND vegan. Created for the plant-based connoisseur and breakfast lover alike!


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