About Us



With the influx of increased knowledge, education, and research within the natural health movement has come a saturated market where large corporations and trendsetters are jumping onto the “organic," “natural," and "green" bandwagons. This, unfortunately, has led to compromised sourcing on the part of the major companies; the integrity behind those tag words is now rarely what it is marketed to be.

As a Clinical Nutritionist trained in Applied Kinesiology, Nutrition Response Testing, and Environmental Medicine, ORGANIQUE founder, Ashley Meyer, has the ability to effectively evaluate the purity of foods, beverages, and personal hygiene and cleaning products. In pursuit of the most distinctively clean brands, she became increasingly alarmed and frustrated with the degradation of classically "healthy" products. It is riveting and motivating for me to realize that people are unaware of how many toxic substances they are ingesting, inhaling, and absorbing into their bodies without realizing it. The serious part is that they also have no idea how much it actually MATTERS, not only for how they feel on a daily basis but also for their future health and that of their families. Given the ubiquitous presence of pollutants in our air, water, and food, it is more crucial than ever to exercise discernment regarding the substances we put into and onto our bodies. 

While educating and listening, and responding to the very real struggle of her clientele in finding "unadulterated" products, Ashley realized that their needs mirrored her own, which empowered her to switch the frustration into an opportunity to create a brand that she and her clients can trust and thrive on. With this mission in mind, she set out to make available honestly pure products, at honest prices, while emulating the performance of high-end, mainstream brands. But, let’s face it, many healthy products often do not perform like their chemical counterparts ... whether it's the look, feel, durability, taste, or effectiveness, we often miss the ‘wow’ when we 'go green’. However, we should not be forced to choose between healthy and quality. Healthy IS quality!

And that is exactly what you get with ORGANIQUE. It is a synthesis of your needs and my standards — autographed by purity, authenticity, refinement, and raw beauty.


~ Ashley Meyer, Owner