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Organique Makeup 100% clean mineral pigment powder foundation


My purpose with ORGANIQUE makeup is to replicate the artistry of creation — using God's original earth minerals — to amplify His most exquisite masterpiece, YOU! Authentic, thriving, unique, and captivating is how He formed you. There is no duplication of your genetic blueprint in all the expanse of the universe. I think that is unfathomable. I think it gives you endless worth.

The canvas: An innate love of the woods and prairie is etched in my soul. I see God's autograph there. I love the panorama of a raw, crisp, painted autumn countryside with no people. And I want to feel beautiful there — alone and alive. I have an affinity for quality and a respect for excellence. I enjoy dirt roads, mountain rivers, farms, imported organic red wine, and BMWs.

In ORGANIQUE makeup, I offer you the synthesis of these dynamic attributes: the purity of a mountain spring-fed creek and the quality and distinction of an import — with the design and brilliance of nature.

~ Ashley Meyer

100% Clean - Where Health Begins!

Be assured that our long-wearing, 100%-pure mineral pigment shades are free of talc, parabens, oil, fillers, Bismuth, and fragrances. With ORGANIQUE Makeup’s benign and gentle facial powders and shades, you’ll enjoy all natural, high-performance coverage.

100% Versatile - Where Fun Begins!

Organic mineral makeup powder foundation shade pigment blush Organique BeautyImagine using one product for eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, or lipstick! ORGANIQUE Makeup offers 100% full versatility, allowing you to mix and match product shades however, and wherever, you desire.

Our shades are organized based on where we find our customers most commonly use the color (eyeshadow, blush, lips, etc). That said, follow your own excitement and enjoy the 100% Versatile freedom to mix things up!

You may also use any of our our shades in conjunction with our organic lipstick base to create your perfect color!

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