The Organique Bar


Welcome to the dance between nutritionally intelligent ingredients and culinary refinement. Dressed in labels showcasing organic, non-GMO ingredients, low sugar, grain-free, gluten-free, and autographed with the “100% Clean” signature that denotes the purity you have come to expect from the Organique Bar.


Dark Chocolate Goji Berry
Toasted Hazelnut Espresso
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Cashew Quinoa Cherry (Vegan)

"There is no way these are healthy! The Dark Chocolate Goji Berry tastes like Brad Pitt, wrapped in kittens, feeding you Godiva chocolate!"
~ S.S., Web Technician, Minneapolis, MN

"The Organique Bar has pure, uncompromising ingredients... and frankly tastes too good to be this healthy. There's not another bar like it in its class. I never travel without them!"
~ Mark Rose, Executive Producer, Discover Wisconsin TV Show

"I can enjoy them guilt-free because they’re packed with nutrition, free of chemicals, and are absolutely scrumptious! I’m always telling my friends ... “You have to try these! They’ll change your life!”
~Ginny Owens, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, Nashville, TN



Imagine the sweet, intoxicating warmth of a crackling fire and the tantalizing aroma of Grandma’s kitchen on a chill winter evening. Add in a glass of milk and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies hot out of the oven. Your healthy lifestyle does not have to deprive you of creating new mouthwatering memories! Prepared as dessert, warmed up with cashew butter and coconut whipped cream, or on-the-go in your athletic bag, this ketogenic meal replacement bar was crafted with respect for Grandma’s cookies while featuring an impressive lineup of performance nutrients — sans the guilt!

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The crunch of painted leaves on a frosty path, a ray of gold around the silhouette of a crimson maple, the spice of roasted espresso and toasted hazelnuts — the soul of autumn — inspired the conception of this ketogenic meal replacement bar. Just as we desire that fall would linger, the living nutrients and delectable harmonies of flavors in this bar leave your cells nourished, fulfilled, yet yearning for more!

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DARK CHOCOLATE GOJI (Grass-Fed-Whey Protein)
Temptation and delight leave you healthier than before! As sure as the boldness of midnight storms bring the nourishment of summer rains, the classic romance between raw dark cacao and goji berries bespeaks a timeless nutritional synergy of superfoods. The ketogenic fashion in which this story is told, however, is authentic. While the allure of this bar could be decadence alone, we must respect the class of ingredients that make it equally a treat and a nutritional powerhouse.

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The bar that takes you on a stroll through a grove of cherry trees at dawn with clean, raw, uncut grasses sparkling in the dew. Although understated in title, the nutrient lineup speaks for itself. This breakfast bar is a triple threat of virtues that put it in a class of its own: superfoods, ketogenic, AND vegan. Created for the plant-based connoisseur and breakfast lover alike!

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VARIETY PACK (Grass-Fed-Whey Protein & Vegan Superfood)
This option is a perfect choice if you can't decide on your favorite Organique Bar flavor. Our variety pack includes 3 bars for each flavor. Whatever your mood of the moment, you'll have an Oraganique Bar flavor to match. This is also a wise choice for families; when different taste buds are living under the same roof. Enjoy!

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GIFT CARD (Valid for Entire Store)
We are here to assist you in gifting your friends and loved ones with health and well-being. What better way to show someone how much you love them. Our Gift Cards are available at varying amounts, and can be used for any of our online products.

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Have you ever stood in the grocery store aisle reading labels for a half hour? Too much sugar, too many simple carbohydrates, corn, peanut butter, rice, GMO’s … many nutrition bars sound great until you read the label. There I was with my rumbling stomach in the middle of one of California’s most famous health food stores, without a nutrition bar that I could eat! Hence, the conception of the Organique Bar.

This is a frequent challenge among nutrition-conscious individuals … how to take your healthy lifestyle on the go with you. There is no question in our minds that a fresh, organic, nutrient-dense meal of living, whole foods is the most optimal choice, which makes it especially difficult to find an appropriate, competitive, clear-conscience substitute at times when your busy and thriving lifestyle takes you on the road. Many of us are not willing to sacrifice the way we feel for “convenience,” because we know that, by definition, that likely means GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, high sugars, toxic chemicals, cheap grains, and hyper-processed, denatured, fake foods that facilitate disease. Whether a business executive, a busy mom, a college student, or child going to daycare - the demands are similar … to be active, ambitious, flourishing, AND feeling our very best at a price that we can afford! I saw this as a deficiency in the market, and one that I wanted to address.

Looking for something that tastes excellent, replaces a meal, that you crave for breakfast and your child craves for dessert? Something that sheds the guilt and pounds, and is an investment into your health? The Organique Bar is your answer. ~ Owner, Ashley Meyer

*** Click here to learn more about Ashley Meyer and her background in the health and wellness fields.



Health & Convenience

One of the most beautiful aspects of the Organique Bar, is it's convenience! Of course a challenge for anyone choosing to eat a clean and healthy diet, is maintaining that lifestyle when life gets busy, or while traveling. We are beginning to get incredible feedback from customers, raving about how much they enjoy having the Organique Bar as a convenience option in such situations. If you're on facebook, send us your pictures of where the Organique Bar has gone with you!




“As a busy executive traveling around the country, one of my greatest challenges is taking my healthy lifestyle on the go and eating clean in spite of spending most mornings rushing through airports and most evenings sitting in restaurants - the ORGANIQUE BAR solves this problem. It has pure, uncompromising ingredients, has a nutrition punch that functions as a snack or meal, and frankly tastes too good to be this healthy. There's not another bar like it in its class. I never travel without them!”
~ Mark Rose, Executive Producer, Discover Wisconsin TV Show

"Last year, after a health scare and major surgery, I knew it was time to make some critical changes in my diet. Though I didn’t eat terribly, my hectic touring and writing schedule meant that I’d often grab what was available to eat, even if it was a fast food item. When I discovered ORGANIQUE Bars, they quickly became my favorite food! Not only are they a delicious, filling replacement for a meal on days when there is no healthy food option in sight, but they make for a fabulous protein-packed snack too. Even when I’m at home with my gluten-free, dairy-free, chemical-free foods available, I love to eat half of the Cookie Dough bar at the end of the day for a “dessert” fix. The best part about ORGANIQUE Bars is that I can enjoy them guilt-free because they’re packed with nutrition, free of chemicals, and are absolutely scrumptious! I’m always telling my friends and anyone I meet wherever I am eating a bar: “You have to try these! They’ll change your life!”
~Ginny Owens, Award-Winning Singer/Songwriter, Nashville, TN

“My family has been eating Standard Process bars for years. Organique's bars are absolutely the best protein/energy bar hands down! My family of 6 loves them. Our four boys are very active. We are on the go and these are the perfect snack to keep us all going. Cookie dough is the favorite for my 7 and 4 year old. My 18 month old loves gogi chocolate. The rest of us just can't decide because they are all so good. Thank you Organique and Ashley for making a bar this wholesome and delicious!”
~ Kelly Crossen Anunson, 5 Stars

“I forgot my lunch last week and a co-worker of mine gave me an Organique bar. I expected very little when she gave it to me, but was pleasantly surprised by the initial taste. It didn't have the normal dry, hard to eat consistency of other bars I've had. The aftertaste was great and my hunger was surprisingly gone. I am an avid outdoorsman and love spending time outside hunting and hiking. I have found that the Organique bar is the perfect carry along meal for those long hunting or hiking trips. Thank you to my co-worker for introducing me to these!!”
~ Dwight Webb, 5 Stars

“These bars stick with you, and are a perfect "fast food" option when traveling with kids and the entire family! My kids love the cookie dough, and the new flavors are delicious as well! My husband also lived on them for a week hunting in the mountains and they had the right amount of protein to keep him going, without all the extra sugar and additives other leading brands have!”
~ Trina Marie, 5 Stars

“My kids love Organique Bars, they are the best!! On the days we are on the go and don't have time to make a nutritious meal I stick Organique Bars in my purse. They are so convenient!! I have had a lot of other meal replacement bars that I've found out are full of ingredients that are not good for our bodies. With Organique Bars I know my family is getting the nutrition they need.”
~ Nikki Augustine, 5 Stars

“I love Organique Bars! (A slight preference for Dark Chocolate Goji Berry and Cashew Quinoa Cherry.) I need to cut back on useless carbs. And in my meal preparation, I’m making some progress. The trouble is that when I want a snack or need to grab a lunch on the fly, all progress flies out the window and I’m back into the supermarket trash. These bars are the answer: none of that stuff that I shouldn’t be eating—and a bunch of stuff that’s good for me to boot! Thanks, Ashley!”
~ Don Schweyer, 5 Stars

“I've eaten a ton of nutritional bars over the years and have never found just the right one. They either tasted good but contained too much sugar, or tasted awful but were nutritionally right. These Organique are almost too good to believe, the perfect balance. I especially like the Dark Chocolate Gogi!!! I've finally found my mid-morning snack. I wholeheartedly recommend these bars!!!”
~ Tom Raykovich, 5 Stars

“I have tried almost EVERY protein bar on the market as I am a busy Mama with 4 children, 3 being under the age of 4 years old sometimes I forget to eat. As a retired acupuncturist, I have access to the best supplements etc out there, team Organique nailed the taste, nutrition, and functional healing food bar for the body!! Thank you so much for providing our world with clean eats!!”
~ Miranda Wendler, 5 Stars

“These bars are in a class of their own! Healthy, full of protein and superfoods and low In sugar. Go take a look a the other "healthy" protein bar options in your nearest health food or grocery store. Other bars are oozing with sugar, sugar, sugar! NOT ORGANIQUE BARS! Seriously, I love them and more importantly, my kids love them. I lived on them for a week on vacation and still grabbed one on the go as soon as we got home. I'm so glad we stumbled upon them because they are amazing!”
~ Elisa Hesch, 5 Stars

“I think I have tried every protein bar on the planet. I could never find one that wasn't loaded with sugar, soy, artificial ingredients, etc... and most of them tasted awful. And I needed a high level of protein, something that would really sustain me. I have learned SO much from Ashley about eating clean, and I want to put stuff in my body that will support all the healing I have experienced. These bars taste AMAZING and my kids love them too!! I love knowing that I have an easy, delicious snack that is also super good for me. Can't wait to try the new flavors!! THANK YOU Organique Bar!!”
~ Dawn Geurink, 5 Stars

“I have worked hard over the years to clean up my diet and detoxify my body. The Organique Bar is a God send when it comes to convenience, health, taste, and satisfaction. I've had my practitioner test it for purity, and as their website states, it tests amazingly well!!! A nice perk for anyone with kids, is that they seem to love it. From 1yr olds to teens in my family, all happily gobble up this bar ;) I'm excited to try the new flavors available. Cannot recommend this bar more. Thank you for filling this niche market, Organique!”
~ Sara Smith, 5 Stars

“These bars stand out among the others in taste, quality of the ingredients, and they contain less sugar! They are a great meal alternative for when I'm on the go!”
~ Elicia VerKilen Seliskar, 5 Stars

“These meal bars are amazing the nutrition, low glycemic effect is great, my grandkids LOVE THEM. Taking a trip out west soon and these are going to be my meals for on the road.”
~ Teresa Landin-Broullire, 5 Stars

“We are obsessed with these bars in our house! They make traveling convenient, yummy, and HEALTHY! My three year old HAS to have one every time we see Ashley for a check-up!”
~ Dr. Michelle Madderom

“Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is da BOMB!!! Organique Bars are my favorite airport food! :) “
~ Heidi Reuter, 5 Stars

“Eating the Toasted Hazelnut Espresso as I type...YUM!!”
~ Debi Jaeger Jahnke, 5 Stars



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