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Comprehensive Detoxification Programs

All detoxification programs are of a 28-day duration and consist of customized nutrition supplementation to target all cleansing pathways of the body, i.e., every organ, gland, and the interstitial tissue. This is a clean out like you have never had before!  As the tissues are cleansed, they are able to soak in the exceptional, intensive nutritional support. In addition to the main program REJUVENATION, you can choose a custom add-on or let our Clinical Nutritionist design a program specifically for you!

Accelerated Weight Loss & Health Restoration Program

This intensive program is designed to assist clinically overweight individuals in their quest for alleviation of their condition as well as for the chronic health issues that ensue. Education participation and lifestyle adjustments required! Supervision by Clinical Nutritionist and guest medical advisors assures that you will be expertly supported along your journey! And it includes DNA testing to genetically tailor the custom diet that works for YOU, for the rest of your life! Bring your positive attitude, and you can dramatically unlock your weight-loss potential by adhering to the guidelines of the program.

Both of these programs can be done at a distance! 

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Comprehensive Detox Testimonials

"I needed a way to help my body out. My career is very physically-demanding and I was feeling myself getting very burned out with muscle aches, feeling very tired and sluggish, and I was starting to gain weight. I talked to Jen at Organique about the Comprehensive Detoxification Program, which was the recommendation for me. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I am on day 17 now and feel great. The first three days were the worst (I as tired and had small (detox) headaches but nothing really bad. It wasn't hard to follow or to do, and the shakes (a portion of the program) were very good and filling, and I feel that the program teaches you the right things to eat. It seems like my stomach tightened up just in the first week, it got my bowel movements back on track, my muscle and joints have not given me any problems at all since beginning the program, and my body is recouping after my job. I do not ever feel burned out, tired, or sluggish anymore. I am very happy that I did this and I think it is the best health choice I've made. Thanks!"

~ B. T. Merrill

My experience with the Omni Cleanse Detoxification Program was very successful and the easiest detox I have done. I noticed my digestion improving the first few days. It was helpful for me to keep a food diary to stay aware of food restrictions and timing of meals.
The thing I had the most difficulty with was when to take the Omni Cleanse Capsule. That 30 minute wait time after lunch and another 30 minute wait for the drops got a little confusing.

I felt great throughout the 28 days. The most noticeable improvements were...more energy, less brain fog and sleeping well every night. Plus, I could see improvement in my skin.

I plan to do this detox every season for maintaining my health. My husband was impressed enough with my results to say he will do it with me.

~ CP  

"On September 1st, I started the 28-day Comprehensive Detoxification Program with Organique. I am so glad I decided to do this program - I feel so much better with more energy and eating a lot healthier. Jen, the Patient Advocate, is so much help and answered all of my questions. Thanks for all of your extra help Jen, keep up the good work!

~ R. K. Rhinelander”

I am a mother of 3, and run a very small home daycare.  I decided to start the detox because my youngest is 20 months old and even though I am so very close to my original weight I seemed to be stuck.  I started working out about a year ago, and that has changed so much for me, but I NEEDED more!  I'm on day 10 of the detox and the amount of energy that I have is blowing my mind.  I Didn't notice much of a difference the first two days other than a change in my routine because I was focusing on getting my supplements/water in.  By the Third day I didn't feel like sitting on the couch for a rest during the kids nap time! YAY, I thought, this is really working!  On day 6 I did notice a slight headache kick in that lasted about 24-36 hours lingering on and off.  However, that was IT!!!  I was so worried about starting this while taking care of 3 children under 2 and the only thing this detox has done is give me energy!  So, the slight headache was nothing compared to the benefits so far! I plan to continue with the weight program to help get me to my goals and help my working out be more effective and body transforming.  I have noticed since starting that I am less bloated, and do not carry around the fluctuating 5 Lbs. that I usually do.  So, I am excited to continue with the weight program to find out what other transformations my body is capable of when I removed the toxins and continue to fuel it with healthy choices and habits!  

~ T.R. Wisconsin Rapids


Weight Loss Testimonials

“On the Accelerated Weight Loss program, I was able to lose over 50 pounds. Ashley and Jen have shown me an entirely new outlook on life. I found willpower and inner strength in myself that I never knew I had. I was taking blood pressure pills and on the verge of diabetes. Since completing the program, I have been able to come off all of my medications, I feel better about myself, and I now have the energy to exercise. I was able to exceed my expectations of weight loss and healthy lifestyle. The weekly education and meetings are worth their weight in gold. I was exposed to information I would have never sought out on my own. The education gives you the tools that you will need to live a healthy and cleaner lifestyle after the program is complete.

I have never tried dieting or changing my lifestyle before this program and my health was in a tailspin. I have three small children and an amazing wife, but I was overweight and miserable. I didn’t have the energy to want to do anything and just wanted to come home from work, sit on the couch and veg out.

My outlook on life had dramatically changed. I am now down to a healthy weight so I am able jog, and do so without the knee, back, and shin pain I had prior. I feel better about myself and my friends and family can’t believe the weight loss I accomplished. Every time my wife gives me a hug she has to tell me how small I am now. She can see how healthy I am and want to be. What a wonderful feeling.

If you have any doubt about your own willpower and inner strength for weight loss, I would suggest this program. Organique was able to help me with my train-wreck lifestyle and transform me into an amazing success story. They were able to show me how to live my life in a healthy way. I owe it to my family for encouraging me to be healthy, but also for being my motivation to set an example of how to live healthy. I am thankful for the opportunity Organique has given me - a healthy life!”

~ E.M, Cadott, WI

"I suffered with Type II Diabetes. I came to Organique Clinic and started the Accelerated Weight-Loss Program. I not only lost 30 pounds, my A1C went from 10.5 to 6.2 in 3 months, and I no longer need diabetes medication/insulin. The cost of the program was cheaper than my medications were. I feel so much better! Previously, I had cut out sugar and carbs, but my sugar levels would not drop. After 1 week on the detoxification portion of the program, my sugar levels were normal and stayed there. My cholesterol also dropped 50 points on the diet recommendations."

~ A.K., Merrill, WI

"Before I started this diet, I had lower back pain and pain shooting down my leg. I had gone to chiropractors but got no symptom relief. I had a very hard time just tying my shoes. By the end of the program, I had lost 30 lbs. and was pain free. Ashley educated me on food and nutrition. I have never felt better than I did after this diet. I am bending over, tying my shoes again without even thinking about it. It used to almost be a chore to move around. My back pain is gone. I’m so grateful for Ashley’s help. I’m free of pain again! Thank you."

~ D.W.

"I’ve been seeking alternative, holistic healthcare for many years, after being unsatisfied with traditional medicine’s “diagnose & medicate” treatment methodology. I’m so fortunate that I was led to Organique. Initially, I just thought I was going to see a nutritionist to help me determine the correct foods I should be eating to optimize my health. I’ve gotten that and so much more. In just six weeks, I’ve shed nearly 30 lbs. of toxic fat. Through the environmental testing, I’ve discovered that a few key areas of daily toxic exposure were poisoning me. With each successive visit with Ashley, I am tested for specific nutrition requirements my body needs to heal & function at 100%. I already feel so much better … I can’t wait to see ongoing results as I continue the program with Ashley. Thank you, Organique! I feel so blessed that you are right here in the Northwoods!

~ D. C.

"I was SO excited when Ashley announced she would be offering the Accelerated Weight Loss Program. I have been struggling to lose weight for years and have tried every weight loss program and supplement on the market with little to no success. I lost weight on several of them but was never able to keep it off. They were all just a temporary fix and didn’t offer lifelong habits, not to mention they were not healthy.

Ashley’s program has allowed me to be successful in losing weight, but more importantly, I’m learning a new lifestyle that will keep the weight off. I was expecting to feel sluggish, tired, and hungry but have actually been full of energy, very alert, and very seldom feel hungry. Within a couple of weeks on the program, I noticed my knees no longer hurt, and I’m sleeping better.

The weight came off rapidly, and it was a nice surprise to see the scale go down every morning.

When I know I need to do at least one more round of the program, I’m actually looking forward to it. I am excited for summer knowing I will be more active and able to enjoy activities I haven’t been able to do for some time.

Thank you, Ashley, for giving me my life back!"

~ N.W.